Here is Cathy's notes for the show gestures in Monkeys and Playbills:
      Golden Apple R knee lunge; lay out; L arm 5ht; R arm 2nd; fingers
      Golden Rainbow L arm arc
      Beg Borrow Steal  
      Buck White R arm up in fist
      Big Deal Elvis hip/knees arms up
      Bring Back Birdie arms up/ flick kick
      Bagels and Yox tradition step with arms up
      Hurry Harry  
      Marilyn grate pose
      very warm for May machine gun
      oh brother snap reigns
      oh boy R fist by chin; face SR; L arm back/R leg tendu back
      oh captain stir pot
      oh look pull R pants up
      oh please  
      oh coward profile
      oh my dear  
      oh kay hold martini w/ thumb/index
Hunter/Susan     Jeff/Heidi  
See the monkey  look @ J/I   Sail Away I - hand on R cheek: J - L hand on chin
On his speedboat, it's spin chair   Simply Heavenly cross arms to hold hands
to     Ride the Winds throw arms/hands up
He drives by car tilt   Steel Pier partner dancing arms
in     Portofino J - steering wheel, step on gas; both lean back
to be     The First I - swings bat; J - looks for ball
To hear a  point to ear   Band in Berlin I - finger hitler mustache; J open legs
He stops by a stop sign to J/I   Carnival in Flanders flamenco arms
And meets a lady monkey named boobs, monkey arms   Carrie prayer hands
And through the     Mother Earth I - arm circle above head; J - holds baby
They meander and in a  head circle R   House of Flowers 1 African arm circle
They marry hold hands   Soon tap watch
Soon after they're tap watch   Working typing
On their love and at chair spin      
Different Times move to line      
Wild and Wonderful finger puppets, hold elbow      
Dude, I got tu go disco disco; 3 pt turn      
A Change in the Heir S/I - hands on boobs to crotch; H/J  hands on crotch to boobs      
Something More        
It's So Nice to Be Civilized curtsey/bow      
Stars in your eyes "S" curves in body/arms      
Smile beauty pageant      
Hit the Trail cowboy walk      
Hunter/Susan     Jeff/Heidi  
speed boat spin chair   Censored scenes from King Kong shoulder shrug
he found his thumb point   Shelter R hand out; pointing w/ 2 fingers
Here's where I belong hands on waist; cheek to cheek   Here's where I belong hands on waist; cheek to cheek