Here is a breakdown of the scenes in the play with page numbers, characters, location and theme.

Scene Pages Characters Location Action
1 3,4 AEH, Charon River Styx Meet everybody
2 4-6 AEH, Charon, Housman, Jackson, Pollard, Vice-Chancellor River Freshmen
3 6 Housman, Pattison, Pollard Oxford Two delinquencies
4 6 Pater, Student Oxford Charming sonnet
5 6,7 Jowett, Ruskin Oxford Intro to beauty
6 7,8 Housman, Jackson, Pollard River Kissing girls
7 8,9 Jowett, Pater, Pattison, Ruskin Oxford University is no place for an education
8 9 Housman, Pollard Oxford Boat races & blue china
9 9,10 Jowett, Pater, Pattison, Ruskin Oxford Touched by Medieval
10 10 Housman, Jackson, Pollard Oxford One of those Aesthetes
11 10,11 Jowett, Pater, Pattison, Ruskin Oxford Burn with a gemlike flame
12 11 Housman, Jackson Oxford World record time
13 11,12 Jowett, Pater Oxford Yours lovingly letter
14 12,13 Ellis, Housman, Jowett, Pater Oxford What they really wrote
15 13-15 AEH, Charon (Housman, Jackson, Pollard) River Styx Can you remember?
16 15-20 AEH, Housman Oxford Knowledge is good & companions in adventure
17 20-21 AEH, Housman, Jackson, Pollard Oxford To explain the world
18 22 Housman, Kate Worcestershire Mount Pisgah
19 22,23 Bunthorne London Savoy theatre Patience
20 23-25 Housman, Jackson London train station Everything starts to change
21 25-27 Harris, Labouchere, Stead London social club Virgins for 5 pounds
22 27-30 Chamberlain, Housman, Jackson, Pollard London suburbs A monument
23 30-32 Housman, Jackson London flat Did you really not know?
24 32,33 AEH, Harris, Labouchere, Stead Railway car Oscar arrested
25 33,34 Chamberlain, Jerome, Harris River near Reading Life’s a curse; Love’s a blight
26 34,35 AEH, Chamberlain River bank Unlucky love
27 35,36 AEH, Kate River bank Lozenges for a cure
28 36 AEH, Chamberlain River bank Half-Greek, Half-Latin
29 36-38 AEH, Boatman, Wilde River bank Better a fallen rocket than never a burst of light
30 38,39 AEH, Housman, Jackson, Pollard River bank Love as it really is
31 39,40 AEH, Housman, Jackson, Wilde River bank Empty shore